How to Make Instagram Personal Blog?

How to Make Instagram Personal Blog?

All you need to make an Instagram personal blog is to have a phone and internet. Download the Instagram app on your mobile phone, follow the installation steps and open an IG profile that you later link to a Facebook page to switch from personal to a business profile on Instagram.

You can't modify Instagram as a blog, but you can shape your profile and give it a visual identity so that everyone who sees your post at the start knows that it's you, of course, in posts where your character is not shown.

The visual identity of the Instagram blog can in some way be more easily separated into segments:

  • BIO - biography of your Instagram profile
  • Feed - your profile posts (pictures, videos, carousel)
  • IGTV - video format lasting at least 60 seconds or more
  • Guides - a set of posts from your feed in one directory
  • Reels - video format up to 15 seconds

Today, Facebook has made it easier to run an Instagram blog through Creator Studio. A platform through which you can schedule announcements in advance, publish IGTV, carousels and even reply to messages in DM, all from Laptop.

How is the Instagram blog charged?

This topic is built at the beginning of your business plan, but it can be modified and changed over time as your blog develops. You can monetize in several ways:

  • Earnings from product reviews + affiliate
  • By promoting the product on the profile
  • Brand awareness
  • Sales through the link in BIO
  • Brand ambassador

Charging for a blog is an individual matter that depends on the agreement between you and the company you work with, based on some previous examples of similar collaborations. 

The success of the collaboration depends on a clearly defined goal: 

  • is the purpose of selling products to your audience, 
  • do they want to increase the visibility of their profile, and your fans are their target group, 
  • do they want your fans to subscribe to their mailing list or something else?

When you know your audience well, then you will be able to suggest what you know you can deliver when talking about cooperation. Don't forget that your audience is a priority, not money.

Depending on the number of followers, you can earn $ 100-1000 + per post. But we advise you to focus on nurturing your companions instead of the number of followers. Even if your profile has only 4,700 followers, you can make big profits through affiliates with a brand - when you know your audience well and find a product/service that solves their problems.

BIO - biography of your Instagram profile

Just as navigation (menu) and the page (About) are something from which readers can deduce what you write about on the blog, so is the domain of the blog where we can already conclude that we can expect DIY content intended for the gaming population.

This is how you should treat your BIO because it is the only place that everyone sees as soon as they enter your Instagram profile. If the BIO profile itself does not explain briefly and clearly to the potential companion: who you are, what you do, why I need you, or how my profile can be useful - likely, they will not follow you.


Know that it's okay for someone not to follow you, they're not your target audience, or they don't see the value yet - and no one is forbidding you to follow them if they have commented or liked the content and are not following you.

Don't let the "chase for the number of followers" move you from the direction, and never forget those who are already following you - dedicate yourself to them, and it will come back to you twice as well. 

Guides - the new Instagram catalog

As the Instagram profile is easy to overwhelm with visuals and there is no "search" option for someone to search for a particular post on the feed, Guides has emerged as one of the best options so far. Guides allow you to create a catalog, name it and add all the posts from the profile related to the desired topic.

A good example could be, for example, product reviews. You can categorize the catalog into guitars, drums, pianos, microphones, etc. then, add the posts you already have to the catalog.

What should I write about on the Instagram blog?

Our advice is that if you enter this world, stop for a moment, a day and think about what you are good at and what topics you know well? What area do you know very well what would you like to do every day and what do you enjoy? Choosing a theme/category at the outset will save you time later in creating content.

Here are some questions that may be helpful:

are you creating a personal brand or Instagram blog on a specific topic?
what content do you want to make (reviews, education, etc.)
who will benefit from such content?
what is the goal of the profile itself? (business - content plan for 12 months)
how will you help them? (video, carousel lyrics)

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