RSS Feed on Blogspot Complete Guide 2022

RSS Feed on Blogspot

In this article, I will explain some basics for RSS Feed, how to configure the RSS feed widget on Blogspot Blogger, and how you can use your blog’s RSS feed. 

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What is an RSS Feed?


To save yourself time and have all your favorite sites with current news in one place, you can do it with RSS Feed. RSS feeds allow you to follow every new content that comes out in one place.

Information about new texts will most often appear in the form of a title, a short introduction to the text, and the website on which it was published. Sometimes the possibility of reading the whole text is offered right there. But if it is not offered, and you are interested in the new news, you can click on the website and read more.

RSS Feed is a platform that collects the latest posts from the pages you have assigned to it in one place and offers you an overview of the content in one place.


RSS (short for Rich Site Summary, RDF Site Summary, Really Simple Syndication - the Atom feed format and protocol) is a "family" of HTTP protocols/formats that allow data to be distributed over the Internet.


There are 4 HTTP protocols, which are intended primarily for the transmission of data over the Internet they are characterized as RSS Feeds.

  1. RSS 0.91 - Rich Site Summary (.xml extension)
  2. RSS 1.0 and RSS 0.99 - RDF Site Summary (.xml extension)
  3. Atom - Atom Syndication Format (.atom extension)
  4. RSS 2.0 - Really Simple Syndications (.xml extension)


RSS and Feed Reader Programs

Many different feed reader programs can be divided into two types:

  1. Web applications such as Google Feed Reader,
  2. Programs that are installed and run from a computer or mobile device.

Both types have their advantages. If you use web browsers, you can keep track of new items wherever you are. If you use an application on your computer, you can always have a program running quickly.

RSS Programs and Services


RSS Feed is a lifeline for most people. It is becoming increasingly difficult to stay up to date with all the information that exists on the internet and your favorite sites. We present to you some of the most used RSS applications. 


Feedly is a very simple application primarily because of its minimalist look. It is easy to use and simply presents content, allowing easy access to content. The free version includes up to 100 monitored sources, content categorization, and the ability to watch Youtube videos. 


There is also a premium version, which allows you to share your content with other people and the integration of Evernote and Dropbox. You can access the Feedly app via a web browser, Android or iOS, making it very accessible on any occasion, whether you’re on the go, in the newsroom, or at home.


Through Inoreader, you can monitor an unlimited number of pages and sort them by folders. One of the good things about this app is that it can store your content permanently, so you can go back and re-read the long-read text. With the premium version, you can follow social media posts, set how you want to sort, and tag the content that appears in your feed. 


Inoreader also offers you a video tutorial on how to use this application as efficiently as possible, which makes it a great application for people who use RSS applications for the first time. It is available for web, Android, and iOS.

News Blur

News Blur also has a free and paid version. For the free version, you get the ability to follow 64 pages, save them and share them with friends. In the paid version, you get the ability to search your profile and record stories. It offers the ability to thematically sort by folders and to track as many pages as you want. 


A great option that News blur offers is tracking your topics and recommendations for tracking pages you haven't followed before that offer information on the same topic. It is available for web, Android, and iOS.

Bloglovin '

Bloglovin is one of the RSS readers with the most attractive design. It has a simple format with the ability to leave comments for each post. It also includes photos, which makes its design even more attractive. 


The content is divided into categories, which makes it easier for you to search for new pages. Of course, this RSS reader also offers you the ability to create folders for yourself and come back to them later. The great fact is that this reader is completely free. It is available for web, Android, and iOS.


This RSS reader is easy to use and includes the integration of other applications that can improve your productivity. If you use this application on the web you will need to install a free upgrade on your browser. It offers the ability to read the full text or short description. There is a free version, a pro, and a business plan.


If you are computer-savvy and want to tailor your RSS reader specifically to your needs, then this app is ideal for you. It is open and free to download, which allows you to add your add-ons and make them your own. It allows you to not only follow websites but also people on Twitter. You need to install it manually on your web server.

The Old Reader

With this RSS reader, you can follow your friends, and they will automatically show you what your friends have recommended for reading. There is also the ability to see what other people are reading, which is a good way to discover new pages that you could follow. 


There is a free and a premium version. The free version allows you to track up to 100 pages. Premium includes the ability to track more than 100 pages, block ads, and a more detailed search.


Feedreader is a web platform that allows you to enjoy the content you love in a very simplified way. You can view it in an expanded or shortened version. Feedreader is free and offers the possibility of sorting into different categories, marking texts with an asterisk or as read.


This platform allows you to monitor websites and have your feed from social networks at the same time, which is a great option to have everything in one place. It is completely free and can only be accessed via a web browser.


This RSS reader allows you to customize it so you can follow the social networks and pages you choose. You can set up and sync your calendar, activity list, and emails. Vip and premium option allows you to search for articles, automatic recording, tracking topics, and comparison. You can also share content with others. 

How to use RSS Feed?

You can use the RSS feed in several ways. You can view the content of your Blogspot blog on the other platforms I listed above in RSS Programs and Services.

You can configure your RSS Feed widget on your blog to display recent posts or comments on your blog. You can also create a custom HTML sitemap for your blog.

RSS Feed on Blogger

All Blogger Blogspot blogs have RSS feeds enabled by default. You can access them by typing the correct URL into your browser.

Note: Make sure your blog is not private.

How to Access Blogger RSS Feed?

You can use a variety of RSS feeds in Blogger Blogspot. You can share the Full site feed, Comments-only feed, or Label-specific site feed.

From the example below, replace the blog address with your address and the label you are interested in for [label].


Blogger RSS Feed and Atom URL format

Full site feed:

  • Atom 1.0:
  • RSS 2.0:

Comments-only feed:

  • Atom 1.0:
  • RSS 2.0:

Label-specific site feed:

To get a feed for a specific
label, you need to change [label].

  • Atom 1.0:[label]
  • RSS 2.0:[label]?alt=rs

How to use Feed Widget in Blogger?


To use the Feed Widget on your Blogspot, go to your Blogger Dashboard and select the Layout section. Click the button to Add a gadget you will see the Feed widget. After clicking on the feed you need to add one of the above-mentioned feed URLs, depending on what you want to display.


RSS Feed on Blogspot - How to use Feed Widget in Blogger

RSS Feed on Blogspot - How to use Feed Widget in Blogger 2

After entering the feed URL, click continue. You can configure the widget, such as displaying the author's name, setting the maximum number of posts, etc.

How to disable site Feed on Blogger?


If you want to disable the RSS feed of your Blogspot blog, you can do so in your blogger's settings.

To disable RSS Feed, you need to go to blog Settings and find the Site Feed option. Click the Allow blog feed option and select None, then click Save.


RSS Feed on Blogspot - How to disable site Feed on Blogger

This is all for the RSS feed on Blogspot Blogger, if you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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