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What is WebP image?

On September 30, 2010, Google launched WebP as a new open format for lossy compressed true-color graphics on the web, resulting in files that were smaller than JPEG files but maintaining equivalent image quality.

It was made possible by Google's acquisition of On2 Technologies' technology. It is a sibling project to the WebM multimedia container format, as it is a derivation of the VP8 video format. The software that is related to WebP is distributed under a BSD-free software license.

Google launched an "Extended File Format" on 3 October 2011, allowing WebP to handle animation, ICC profile, XMP and Exif metadata, and tiling (compositing very big images from up to 16384x16384 tiles). Animated WebP can be converted from older animated GIF files.

Google revealed a new lossless compression option on November 18, 2011, as well as support for transparency (alpha channel) in both lossless and lossy modes, which was enabled by default in libwebp 0.2.0. (16 August 2012).

Conversion from PNG to WebP resulted in a 45 percent reduction in file size when starting with PNGs found on the web, and a 28 percent reduction when compared to PNGs re-compressed with pngcrush and PNGOUT, according to Google's measurements in November 2011.

Apple enabled WebP functionality to early beta versions of macOS Sierra and iOS 10 in July 2016, but it was later deleted in the September 2016 GM seed versions of iOS 10 and macOS Sierra. WebP functionality was added to Safari 14 in September 2020.

In April 2018, the supporting libwebp library reached version 1.0.
Web browsers that support WebP had a 96 percent market share as of November 2021.

Technical Details About WEBP Files:

To achieve lossy compression of WebP data, a prediction algorithm is used. In order for this strategy to work, pixels must be predicted based on adjacent blocks. To establish how much the image differs from what was predicted in advance, encoding and processing are performed.

As a result, many of the pixels in the anticipated image match the real image exactly. The size of the photographs can be decreased in this way to a more reasonable amount. Lossless compression is achieved by reconstructing the rest of the image using parts of the image that have already been analyzed, which is comparable to lossy compression.
A current version of the WebP file format supports the creation of animations, XMP metadata, and big images with a maximum tile size of 16384x16384.

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Supported File Types:

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