Affiliate Marketing - A Business Model for Everyone

Affiliate Marketing - A Business Model for Everyone

The founder of PC Flowers & Gifts, William J. Tobin, used Affiliate Marketing for the first time as part of a 1994 marketing campaign. This term is increasingly mentioned after Amazon started using this marketing technique to promote its products.

As technology evolves, more and more ways to make money online are appearing on the Internet. An example of an online way to generate passive income is Affiliate Marketing. In the following text, we will introduce you to this technique. 

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a technique of generating income by advertising the products of other people or companies. It has the most similarities with the business of a commercial traveler. Vendors who go door to door and offer a particular product to customers. After the realization of the sale, the traders realize the agreed percentage of earnings. The difference is that your income is not limited in time and space.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

As three basic factors participate in the Affiliate Marketing process, we will bring the functioning of the process closer to you from all three angles. Participants are a company (Legal entities), individual (Affiliate marketer), and customer (companions).

  • The company starts and ends the process. Either manufacturing or IT service companies create products that they market. After trying out various marketing strategies to promote their products, companies also open up the affiliate marketing option. They recruit individuals (Affiliate marketers) and allow them to present and promote products approved by companies in their way. The company enjoys the benefits of more creative and cheaper marketing of its products while expanding its sales channels.
  • Individuals or Affiliate Marketers (Seller Partners) as we have mentioned, promote products and services of manufacturers to their audience in exchange for a percentage of sales. Marketers agree on the amount of commission with the company. Promotion is done on different platforms: website, blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, and Instagram account, depending on which platform gathers the largest number of followers. They recommend products to their followers via links. By entering the companion (customer) on the link, the company receives information from which source the customer entered (using Google Analytics). When a customer makes a purchase, the Affiliate Marketer earns the agreed commission.
  • Customers (companions). Viewed from a company perspective, this category is called customers. In contrast, by affiliate marketers, this category is called followers. At the same time, they are people who follow the work of Affiliate Marketers on social networks and buy products that he promotes.

As in every business, there are facilities and advice on how to do this job in the best possible way. In the following text, we will do our best to reveal tips in a few steps that will help you succeed in affiliate marketing. 

What you need to pay attention to if you are starting Affiliate Marketing 

What you need to pay attention to if you are starting Affiliate Marketing

Create quality content

If you want to be successful in affiliate marketing, you need to create quality and interesting content on the platforms on which you will advertise products. Focus content on readers. Answer their questions, and provide them with detailed information, but creatively and interestingly. Get to know your audience and create content regularly. As observed by the Affiliate, the larger the audience, the more potential buyers.

Targeted group

It is very important that after choosing the topic to be covered, you determine to whom you will place that content. If you want to develop successful affiliate marketing, always stick to one niche. So one platform, one topic, one target group.

Track the development of your Affiliate Marketing

Once you have a sufficient number of visitors, you need to go back in time to be even more efficient in the future. Namely, you need to see where and in what way visitors come to the selected platforms. Use Google Analytics to learn more about visitors. What is the percentage of new visitors compared to those who return? On which platforms do you achieve the most mutual relationship and communication with the audience? Which links are most clicked by visitors? Which pages are most visited before conversion (sales)? These questions will provide answers that you can use to improve your affiliate business.

Get to know the products

The products you promote should be related to the content you post on the platform. It is very important that what you advertise through the Affiliate Program and what you communicate about through your channels match.

Knowledge sets you apart from others. Convince your followers that you are an expert in the field you are working in and gain their trust. As an affiliate marketer, you recommend different products to your visitors, and to stand out in the sea of marketers, you must be seen as an expert or at least a place to get detailed information about the products you promote.

Keep your companions

The most successful marketers maintain communication with their followers. If you have a blog, YouTube, or Instagram profile allow comments. This will allow you to talk to your companions. Filter spam. If you respond to most of your commenters and start dialogues, they will come back to continue the conversation.

Another way is to ask a question at the end of the video or blog. Want more information on this topic? What do you think about this topic? Or something directly related to the topic you covered on the video or blog itself. In this way, you maintain interaction and form a community of like-minded people. When responding, use the name of the commenter wherever possible.

The more visitors see the site as a community of like-minded people, the better the chances of buying the product you are advertising.

Don't sell, provide information and help

One of the reasons self-promotional bloggers and influencers fail in affiliate marketing is that they focus too much on themselves. Strengthening a personal brand does not guarantee success in this area of business. Provide lots of interesting information. Provide helpful tips to followers to keep coming back. As we mentioned earlier the content you create is the one that brings in and retains potential customers.

Always test and improve

It can always get better! Why use this sentence when we are not satisfied with the achieved success? On the contrary, use it when you have fully met your expectations and goals. You should always strive to improve your business, viewed from the Affiliate business. Create tests and charts to measure business performance. Starting an Affiliate business does not require a lot of prior knowledge and investment, but success, as in any business, requires new and expanded knowledge as well as constant perseverance.

Dedicate time

Affiliate marketing is not a business that brings success and wealth overnight. You have to invest time to become successful. Affiliate marketing requires constant effort, so be prepared to set aside free time and roll up your sleeves to generate passive income.

Set appropriate goals

Be realistic in your expectations. As already mentioned in the text, it will take time to achieve success. Set your own goals, where you see yourself in a couple of years in this business. You can read about how to define goals according to the SMART methodology here.

Affiliate marketing and Influencer marketing

In practice, the terms affiliate and influencer marketing are often confused. Although the similarities between these two marketing strategies exist, it should be emphasized that they only occur when it comes to Affiliate and Influencer marketing actors. This means that, in both types, we have three actors: the Marketer (Affiliate or Influencer), the company whose products are the subject of advertising, and the audience.

In Influencer marketing, the company offers the influencer, i.e. the person from the influence, to advertise their products, and after agreeing on the conditions, they can start working. On the other hand, anyone who has an interest in it can become an affiliate marketer. By contacting the company and choosing the product you want to advertise, you are different from Influencer Marketing. The affiliate marketer has the task of bringing the product closer to as many customers as possible but also selling as many products as possible. On the other hand, the influencer promotes the agreed product and has no direct goal to sell it. 

How to choose a platform?

How to choose a platform?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, the platforms most used are websites and blogs. In addition to them, there are YouTube, Instagram and Facebook, and lately TikTok accounts. Each of these ways of affiliate marketing has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s say you don’t have the knowledge to create a website. There is a solution, and it is very simple. WordPress is the simplest and most popular platform that allows you to create a professional site in a couple of hours. With WordPress, you can also create a blog, where you will process selected topics. A blog requires minimal investment, and is very easy to run and offers earning opportunities.

YouTube is still a platform that has billions of users. If you are communicative and creative, you are not afraid of the camera you can open a YouTube channel. Record authentic videos and upload them to your channel. Make each of the following videos related to one topic (for example, cars, music, travel, sports ().

Facebook has 2,449 billion users. Opposite him, Instagram has 1 billion users. This means that the range of users is very large. The more users of these platforms you attract to follow your work, the better your chances of making money.

When choosing a platform, the chosen platform must be the one on which the target audience is located. If your target audience is not largely present on the YouTube platform, choose another solution, i.e. the platform on which your audience is largely present.

By combining knowledge and interesting information, which you transfer and present on the above-mentioned platforms, you open yourself the opportunity to gain a larger audience and develop affiliate marketing. Each of the platforms is accessible and accessible to everyone. Embark on the one where you feel most natural and where it will be easiest for you to create your Affiliate marketing.

Product selection criteria

Since you promote and sell a product through Affiliate Marketing that you did not create yourself, but it is the work of others, get to know it well in the first place. Learn all its advantages and disadvantages so that you have something to say about it. You can do this best if you own the product yourself. If the company offers you to advertise a product that you are not satisfied with, it is simple, do not advertise it even though they offer a higher commission or various other benefits. When people buy a bad product, and you recommend it to them, they will consider you a layman and will not order other products that you recommend. Long-term success is much more cost-effective than short-term success.

Examples of Affiliate Marketing

As we mentioned at the beginning, Amazon is responsible for the popularization of Affiliate Marketing, and it is also the best example of how this business works. A wide range of products offers everyone the opportunity to engage in affiliate marketing.

Skillshare offers online courses on a variety of topics, as well as photography, visual arts, and business management. Marketers also make money when users sign up for free courses if they have not been registered on the site before. An exceptional opportunity to offer your followers the opportunity to make money through the Skillshare site, while also making money.

Among the companies open to the Affiliate program are Leadpages, ContraTeam, Airbnb, Underarmour, Wix, Kajabi, and many others.


Affiliate is a specific business model, which provides many options to deal with it and to express yourself in the best edition. The possibilities are endless. You are required to work, persevere, and persevere. Take advantage of the various benefits of Affiliate marketing, present yourself in the best light and make money with it.

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