How to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics - Tutorial 2022

In this tutorial, you'll learn all about this free tool for tracking your site's analytics and how to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics.

How to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics
So, you have created a blog website, and you want to know how much it is visited, where visitors come from, and in general, a complete analysis of visitors' interactions with the site, which is crucial for your success. You can find out all this through Google Analytics.

What is Google Analytics, and what is its importance?

Google Analytics is a free web analytics tool that allows us to measure website traffic, collect all visitor data, and get a detailed picture of how our site works. And we need all that information if we want to provide our visitors with the requested information and thus improve the conversion rate on the site. 

Google Analytics runs in 40 different languages and is available in two versions: Google Analytics 360 subscription-based for business users and Google Analytics for mobile apps, an SDK that allows us to collect usage data from iOS and Android apps.

So, if you want to track how users navigate your website, this tool will be very useful to you.

And his main recommendation is more than 29 million websites where this tool is installed.

  • Audience Reports - reports on the age and gender of visitors, their interests, location, language, how often they visit your site, and the type of device through which they do so.

  • Acquisition Reports - reports on what someone has visited on your website. You will see traffic divided by main categories and sources - where someone came from on your site. You can learn all about traffic from social networks.

  • Behavior Reports - reports on all pages on the site, on the pages that bring visitors to the site, as well as those that are last viewed before leaving the website. If you set up a site search, you will be able to see which terms are searched by visitors and which pages are searched.


  • Conversions - If you set goals in Google Analytics, you can see how many Conversions have taken place and at which URLs. You can also see the path that visitors took to complete the conversion.


You can view different reports to get as much information as possible. For example, in the Audience Overview, the chart line will give you information about the number of sessions for a given day.

Below the main metrics, you'll see reports that you can customize to see the languages, countries, cities, search engines, and more.


You can also click on Full report to see complete reports or, for example, click on any of the first ten links to see as much detail as possible. For example, clicking on any country will give you a report on visitors from that country. The deeper you analyze, the more information you will get from Google Analytics.


How to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics?

Google Analytics, as already mentioned, is available for free, and all you need is a Gmail account to register or create an account for Google Analytics.

Sign Up to Google Analytics

Go to and click Start measuring

Sign Up to Google Analytics

After clicking the Start measuring button, you need to enter information about your site in the data fields. In this part, therefore, it will be necessary to configure the account as follows:

Now you need to set up your Google Analytics account. You must first enter an Account name you can use your name, company name, blog name, etc.

set up your Google Analytics account

On the next page, we need Setup Properties. Enter a Property name select a time zone and currency. You can write the name of your website for the property name. Then click the Show advanced options button.

set up your Google Analytics property

Click Create a Universal Analytics property, then enter the URL of your website in the Website URL field, click Create a both Google Analytic 4 and Universal Analytics property, check to Enable enhanced measurement for Google Analytics 4 property. And click Next.

set up your Google Analytics property 2

 On the next page, you add Business information. Set up your blog niche and click the "create" button.

set up your Google Analytics business


All that remains is to accept the Google Analytics Terms and Conditions. Read Google Analytic Terms check to accept the terms and click on the I Accept button.

Google Analytics terms

Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics

You can Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics in two ways.

The first way to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics (Easier way)

Go to the Google Analytics dashboard and click on Property Settings

Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics

In Property Settings, you will find Tracking Id UA-XXXXXXX-1. Copy the Tracking Id and paste it into your blogger's Settings.


Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics tracking id

Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics blogger settings

That would be an easier way.

The second way to Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics

Go to the Google Analytics dashboard, click on Tracking Info, click on Tracking Code, copy Global Site Tag code.


Connect Blogger Website with Google Analytics tracking code

Now open your Blogger Dashboard and go to the Theme. Now follow these steps:

  • Click on "Edit HTML"
  • Press CTRL + F and type <head>
  • Paste the HTML code you copied from the Google Analytics dashboard, just below the <head> tag
  • Save the theme


How to check if you have connected Google Analytics properly with your Blogger

If you have followed every step here, everything should work perfectly. To verify that everything is set up correctly, we suggest doing the following:

  • Open your site in Incognito mode in your browser or ask a friend to visit your site.
  • Click on the Realtime section on the left in Google Analytics.
  • If everything is well connected, it will appear in analytics.




Google Analytics is a very useful tool. From all these analyzes, you will get clear signals in which direction your site should be further developed, ie what is what attracts the site and what does not attract the attention of potential users.


I hope this tutorial has helped you to Connect your Blogger website with Google Analytics if you have any questions, feel free to comment.

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