Why is it important to start with goals?

Why is it important to start with goals?

No successful man in any field in the world has achieved his goal success without setting goals for yourself. However, most people don't even have one nor an idea of how important goals are and, more importantly, how important they believe they can make it happen.

Setting goals is the first step in achieving the results you want. Goals are achieved through a series of steps and facing a series of challenges.

Goals give us a roadmap to direct our attention to the tasks that are needed to accomplish the goal. In this way, we move away from irrelevant non-target activities.

Why is goal setting important?

Simply put, goal setting is a powerful motivator. Goals are good for motivation and vice versa. This is confirmed by numerous definitions of motivation involving goal setting.

That means we need to decide what is good for our well-being set goals to achieve this.

Goals affect the intensity of our emotions and actions - the more valuable the goal, and we strive harder to achieve it.

The more successful steps we take and the more positive emotions we have, the more faith in our abilities grows, as well as self-confidence.

Finding ways and skills to achieve our goals increases our efficiency and knowledge.

Our ability to set goals is strengthened with positive thinking about the future because then we think better about actions to achieve them.

The more specific the goal, the easier it is to follow and leads to better results than the goal set as "I wish you all the best".

We increase the chance of achieving a goal by concentrating on several smaller goals.

Key elements that successful people use to set up successfully goals

Write down your goals. People who write down their goals have the best chances to make them happen. It is best to use a pen and paper and write it down.

This way will be more dedicated to achieving the goal as your mind seeks all opportunities.

You can always return to your written goals when you get stuck somewhere that can motivate you to continue.

Set bigger goals and try to achieve them. Harder the goals, the more emotionally you will participate in their process realization?

You should learn some important lessons along the way, especially about yourself.

Steps in achieving the goal should encourage you to push forward every day.

Take responsibility. This is the main thing in which the key lies success.

Responsibility encourages your creativity, encourages you, you come up with new ideas, you cooperate with people you trust.

When you are responsible, you do everything you set out to do in practical steps. You feel committed and responsible.

Set clear and measurable deadlines. To take seriously the goal, your mind needs a realistic deadline, which will also affect your responsibility.

The deadline should be achievable, challenging.

When you don't have a deadline, it can easily happen that "you will do everything when you can".

Visualize what your success looks like after achieving the goal. The goal-setting process requires you to see something that does not currently exist.

A picture of the achieved goal will help you move in the right direction. In this way, you build the foundation of your freedom and personal growth.


Why don't people set their own goals?

People do not set goals or quickly give up because they are afraid of failure.

They are often unaware that these failures are an integral part of success - a price that must inevitably be paid - this is one of the biggest obstacles to success. By setting goals, you open up to change and counteract fear.

When you don't see the desired results when it comes to achieving goals, maybe make one (or some) of these most common mistakes: 

  • Too much thinking and weak goals
  • Setting vague goals
  • Indefinite deadline for the goal
  • Setting goals that have no personal value
  • Goals are not written down
  • Try to control everything
  • Neglecting self-care
  • Waiting too long to take action

If you don’t want to be among the 80% of people who have no goals and nowhere they arrive - set goals, change behavior and think.

So your habits will change, be active because all your plans, dreams, and hopes depend on it!

When you don’t have goals, it’s like you’re not managing your own life. It is very important, as well to set goals that you believe you can achieve because otherwise, your goal has no value.

If you don't succeed in the beginning: "I achieve my biggest goal", let your thought be every day ... That's how you will get used to it, and it helps you achieve the desired results!

People who do not know how to set goals or have not set them need to reconsider what is most important in their lives what they think is right.


When you are sure of that, you will believe in it - that faith is 90% of your success!

One cannot create something if you has not previously imagined it in one's head. If the goal is right, you need to plan a realistic deadline for its realization to become real and not to stay in the future.

Only when you believe and are committed to achieving your goals do you do whatever it takes. If you want to find gold, it is not enough just to dig, but to dig smart!

This means that if the action - what you are doing specifically, follows the specific knowledge success is guaranteed - no kidding! But if that’s not the case, you’ll just struggle for a while until you get tired, and that’s it! 

As for success in internet marketing, it directly depends on how much you help others and pass on your knowledge or even better - how much you help people to be better than you.

By defining your goal, you direct your mind, thoughts, and behavior you add acceleration to achieving the goal. It's a matter of practice.

Until we begin to live our goal, that is, achieve a state of consciousness when we act and feel as if we have already achieved those goals, only then do we take full responsibility for our lives and for everything that happens to us and stop blaming the world around us.

If achieving your success drives the goal, it is essential that you write down your goals on paper and read them every day.

It's even better to find pictures that best represent your goals and put them wherever you watch every day. Just like this, you start achieving your success… If you encounter a failure, that's fine too!

It is impossible to succeed without failure - that is a prerequisite for success!

Until you put your goals on paper and define what you will do tomorrow in the coming days to do on this issue, you will only have wishes.

If you work in network and internet marketing help from your mentor is very important. Together you can determine which activities are necessary for you to achieve your goal, especially if you do not have results.

The most common reasons why there are no results are:

  • not devoting enough time to the goal (depending on how much you care about the goal and change it if necessary) or
  • the knowledge you are applying is wrong (you need the right information strategy).

When you decide to dedicate time and work to your goals, then things start happening to you that would not otherwise happen: meetings, events, material things, and you will not believe that they are all there to make your way to the goal easier!

So commitment to goals is the most important thing, and that's it.

Your goals are just a way to create a better life for yourself.

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