7 Tips How to Improve Your Instagram Profile

7 Tips How to Improve Your Instagram Profile

Your followers and likes on Instagram are not growing the way you planned? With our tips, improve your Instagram profile, achieve higher sales, and find out what you need to do to ‘catch the eye’ of potential customers.

Social networks have become a form of everyday communication without which the life and business of companies are unthinkable today. Through social networks, companies make the first contact with customers, based on which customers get the first impression of a particular brand, product, or service.

Whether you are just starting your Instagram performance or want to improve your existing performance strategy through this social network, there are a few things to keep in mind. These tips can affect the success of your business, and they are what many business profiles neglect.

Adjust the profile for companion growth

An Instagram profile is essential as a home page on a site. The profile is the first opportunity for someone to press the tracking button. Get the most out of Instagram.


When choosing a name, you must pay attention to the fact that the name is easy to remember and easy to pronounce, as well as that there is no similar name that will confuse you. You shouldn't have dots, dashes, numbers, and other signs in the name. The simpler the name - the faster and easier potential customers will find you.

Profile image

The profile image is very important. It is a small format photo that will distinguish your followers from other profiles. If the Instagram profile represents a person, then you need to put your image more accurately the image of your face with a monochrome background. You can remove the background of the photo via the Removebg website however, if your profile promotes the brand, your profile picture should have a logo.

Profile name

The most common mistake made is to keep the username and profile name the same. Instagram gives us a double chance to be found easier. The profile name should contain a closer definition of what you do.

Profile description

The first thing that someone will notice next to the picture is the profile description. The description is limited to 150 characters so it needs to be well thought out. It should be as simple as possible and represent your mission and qualities, but in addition, you can highlight the products or services you offer to customers in the description. Point out why you are better than the competition.

Call to action

A call to action is an indispensable part of the description. It is a sentence that will suggest to users what they should do. For example, book, read a new post, visit the page.

Highlights - a prominent story

In addition to posts and stories, Instagram has allowed us to add highlight stories. This is a prominent story that stays on your profile after 24 hours. You can use them to create fun albums and arrange them by theme and they will be visible until you decide to remove them.

One of the main reasons for bad sales is that your followers don't know what you're selling and what you're offering, make sure you define all the information in the highlights. Customize highlights to your business. Suggestions for formation are:

  • About us (in that folder, try to explain in the simplest way who you are and what you offer to users)
  • Impressions (in this folder, highlight all the comments of your satisfied users because this way, you gain the trust of potential customers)
  • Behind the scenes (focus on the process of creating a particular product, and show users how and what your product is made of)

Icons for highlights can be made at Canva or found ready-made via Pinterest.

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What does your ideal customer look like

The most important thing in any business is the customer. If there is no buyer, there is no sale, and if there is no sale, there is no business. It is very important to define the target group. This is true even if you don't have sales, you just build a brand. We have an appointment for that: Buyer Persona.

AIDA model

If you manage to guide your audience through all four phases of the Aida method, you are already halfway to realizing your goal.


Instagram is full of different content. Attention must be deserved and this is achieved with strong colors, quality photos, interesting text, and interesting titles. Create your post so that everyone will remember it.


The most helpful thing to do is to guide the audience through what you want to say. Focus on the things that matter to those who follow you. In this phase, the user becomes aware of the brand, product, and company for the first time.


While the second step is to make the audience actively listen to you, the third should be related to what the audience wants to hear. In this step, you need to "convince" the audience of the arguments of your story, and show why your product meets their needs. The user should be given clear information as to why the product should be purchased.


This phase represents the final phase, the sales phase. Make it clear and loud what the next step is to take. If you present the services offered by your website, invite the audience to visit it.

You can learn more about the AIDA formula in our Copywriting Tips post.

Engagement rate

Engagement, or simply the percentage of followers who respond to your posts, is one of the most important metrics on Instagram. Many sites can calculate your engagement, some of them are Triberr, Phlanx, and Ninjalitics.

The goal is for as many followers as possible to see the post and react to it: share, save, comment, and like. If Instagram notices that your followers don't react to posts, it means that the content is bad, and your profile will not be shown to others.

followers engagement rate instagram

Now that you've measured your engagement rate, you're probably wondering what those numbers mean.

If you have up to 1000 followers, your engagement rate should be 10.56% or more, if you have 1000-5000, a good engagement is 4.26% or more.

Delete inactive and fake followers

The easiest way to increase your engagement rate is to delete all fake followers who follow you and don't respond to your posts. This leads to fewer followers but increases the quality and engagement of the profile.

How to identify fake profiles:

  1. They don't have a profile picture
  2. They have an unusual name that contains many numbers
  3. They have no announcements
  4. Few companions
  5. They follow a lot of people

Visual identity

Visual identity refers to the visual aspects of your brand, such as a website, printed material, etc.

A consistent and clear visual identity is one of the most powerful ways to become recognizable and stand out from the competition.


The most successful Instagram profiles spend a lot of time choosing the colors that will dominate their account. Colors are powerful and play a significant role in the identity of any brand. It would be best to choose three colors that will be used on your profile. Each color has its meaning if the colors don't match, you can't have a good design. That is why it is very important to research everything about colors before choosing the ones that are best for your profile.


Typography is an important segment for creating a publication. Choose one or two fonts to use on your posts. As with color matching, a big mistake is made when mixing multiple different fonts.


Quality photography is a very important factor in visualization. High resolution is required, if you need such photos you can visit some of the following sites Freepik, Pexels, and Unsplash.


One of the ways new followers come to your profile is through hashtags. The main goal of hashtags is for our posts to be seen by as many people as possible from our target group.

The most common mistakes that are made are:

  1. Using hashtags in a foreign language
  2. Using general hashtags that lead to inactive followers which leads to less interaction
  3. Hashtags that are not closely related to the publication
  4. The same hashtags are always used
  5. Use forbidden hashtags

Guidelines for using hashtags

When posting hashtags, it is important to research them beforehand. Look for hashtags that have between 5,000 and 350,000 posts.

Instagram Profile analytics

Profile analytics

To perform profile analytics, your account must be transferred to the (business) business profile. Analytics is very important for achieving better results, it tells us in which direction we should go. The following components can be followed on Instagram:

Profile insights - analytics of the entire profile and analytics of all posts

At the level of the entire profile we can monitor:

Content - statistics of the content we published such as announcements, promotions, story...
Activity - how much time have you spent on your Instagram profile.
Audience - Here you can get an introduction to the audience that follows you, their demographics, and the time when they are most active.

View insights - single post analytics.

This refers to the statistics of an individual publication.

Story insights - story analytics.

Interactions - All actions performed by users on your story.

Shares - How many times the story has been forwarded to another user
Profile visit - How many times users have logged in to your profile from the story
Sticker taps - How many times users have clicked on your story
Replies - The number of responses to the story

A good way to increase interaction on your profile is to add various surveys, quizzes, and stickers…

Discovery - How many users saw your story and how they came to it

  • Reach - The number of unique users who saw the story
  • Impressions - How many times your story has been viewed
  • Forward - How many times users clicked on your next story
  • Back - How many times users have returned to view your previous story
  • Next story - How many times users have switched from your story to another user's story


We can conclude that Instagram marketing plays a very important role in advertising our company/brand. It is not a rule that every successful company promotes via Instagram depending on whether your target audience spends time on Instagram, it depends on whether you will focus on the promotion via that social network. By combining all the key factors and the Instagram strategy, we can reach a large number of consumers and present our product or service to them and thus achieve the desired goals.

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