Advantages of Internet Marketing

Advantages of Internet Marketing

The advantages of Internet marketing are endless because the Internet is a network without borders. Internet marketing is the most popular method of marketing in the business world.

In this article, I will share with you just some of the advantages of using internet marketing:

Internet Marketing has low costs compared to traditional marketing, which means that it is affordable and cheap. It doesn't have to cost you anything in the beginning.

Anyone can make a blog or website, record a video, and open accounts on social networks, to share with the audience information about their product, service, or brand.

Internet marketing methods include website, SEO optimization, email marketing, PPC marketing, Video marketing, Infographics, Facebook, other social media, and other forms of online advertising. Traditional marketing, is based on: catalogs, brochures, flyers, exhibitions, newspaper ads, TV commercials, etc.

Internet marketing costs are only a fraction of what you invest in TV commercials, radio, and newspaper advertising.

In addition, the effects of traditional ads are short-term, while an online campaign can bring long-term results.

Internet marketing excludes travel and distribution, and printing costs. You can save money by experimenting with PPC ads until you perfect the strategy and only then expand the budget when you are sure of the positive effect and return on investment.

You can send a bunch of emails - in the time it would take to make one phone call.

Internet marketing makes it easier to connect with clients and customers because your advertisement has expansive reach - it can be seen by anyone and anywhere in the world.

You can target customers by place of residence, gender, age, occupation, level of income, education, etc.

The ability to precisely target your audience is one of the best marketing advantages - and that's why internet marketing is a better investment than any other form of marketing. It is much more challenging to achieve in traditional marketing and often boils down to guesswork.

One of the advantages for customers is that they can quickly and easily collect and compare information about products and services through various presentations, images, videos, and landing pages.

You can get in touch with customers and find out what they think about your products and services so that based on this feedback you can change and improve your business.

For this purpose, you can also use online research and, for example, post a survey on your blog or website. Traditional marketing would require higher market research costs.

Every customer, instead of visiting a large number of sales points, can visit your website at any time from home, without intermediaries, additional costs, and time wasted on transportation.

Also, the site is an ideal way to set up a map of the location of your store, if you have one, and give customers a detailed description of the easiest way to get to you.

More advantages of Internet Marketing for your customers

  • They can make purchases online 24/7
  • I can always compare prices and product characteristics
  • Product and service information available
  • They choose the date and place of delivery
  • They can follow the purchase in stages

A well-designed and updated website or blog can help you increase the satisfaction and loyalty of visitors and customers and expand awareness of your personal brand by publishing informative and interesting content and various tips.

Website traffic is the basis of your online business. The users you regularly communicate with via the newsletter will likely become your customers after a specific time.

If you offer a product or service, your website should have clear product and pricing information available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

In classic stores, customers receive this information from the seller - only during working hours.

That is why the advantage of internet marketing is that customers can buy products at any time of the day or night.

Compared to traditional, Internet marketing is much more flexible. You can easily modify the content or images on an online advertisement - at any time.

With advertisements in magazines or on television, any change can be expensive and require a lot of time.

In internet marketing, everything is measurable, and all results can be monitored in detail using numerous free tools such as Google Analytics.

The goal of these analyzes is to monitor:

  • effectiveness of the campaign
  • possibility of improving some shortcomings
  • insight into the return of invested money

When you place an ad in a newspaper, you can hardly assess the direct impact on your business - while you monitor the same impact in real-time with internet marketing.

A reminder of the advantages of internet marketing:

Internet marketing includes various strategies such as SEO optimization, email marketing, marketing on social networks, and others.

  • It allows flexible working hours.
  • It provides access to customized advertising.
  • It allows you to reach more people and build relationships with them.
  • It helps you take advantage of social networks.
  • Monitoring and measurement of results.
  • Ability to multitask-to provide services to a large number of customers at the same time.
  • Possibility of online payment without using cash.

Without an effective online presence, potential customers will find it difficult to find out about your business. If you don't want to hide your products and services from potential customers, use internet marketing to raise awareness of your products and services.

In my opinion, it is best to combine online and offline marketing.

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Jasmin K.

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