35 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Are you ready to step into the world of entrepreneurship but are unsure where to start? Or perhaps you're looking for a business venture that doesn't require a hefty initial investment? If so, you've landed in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore 35 innovative and profitable small business ideas that require minimal investment.

These ideas are not just feasible but also flexible, allowing you to balance your personal life and business aspirations effectively. Whether you're looking to turn a hobby into a business, leverage your professional skills, or dive into a completely new area, we've got you covered.

From starting a blog to becoming an Instagram influencer, from online teaching to dropshipping, we've curated a diverse list of business ideas to suit a wide range of interests and skills. So, get ready to ignite your entrepreneurial spirit, and let's dive into these exciting low-investment business ideas that could be your stepping stone to financial independence.

As you read, consider which of these ideas resonate with you the most, and don't hesitate to leave a comment sharing your thoughts or questions. Let's embark on this entrepreneurial journey together!

1. Create Your Blog - Best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

There are thousands of bloggers making six figures writing about their passion or expertise. Try to connect with your niche audience using your content, and you will likely make more money in your blogging career.

In fact, according to statistics, 73% of bloggers making over $50,000 a year say they focus their content on the interests of a specific group.

To begin with, I recommend you:

Next, create a blog content strategy and build an email database for a loyal audience using various email marketing and email marketing platforms. In addition, you can integrate it with Google Analytics to monitor your traffic and other data.

I recommend that you check out these helpful blogging guides for beginners:

2. Online Courses and Teaching

Sharing your skills or expertise through online course platforms has been easier. If you are a subject matter expert or passionate about something, you can turn it into a substantial income.

Offer students online learning classes, and build a community that will help you create your online tutoring business. You can create a Facebook page or even a podcast where you can reach people who are looking for online tutoring classes.

Thinkific and Teachable are just some online platforms that make it simple to launch a business. You can register on these platforms and start teaching right away.

3. Dropshipping

If you can get the requested products at lower prices - then you can start a lucrative delivery business by reselling these products on websites like eBay or AliExpress. Dropshipping is a concept in which sellers buy products in bulk from suppliers and sell them to the end customer.

Here is a clear explanation of how dropshipping works:

explanation how dropshipping works - Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

To get started with dropshipping, you need to do extensive market research and identify products that are in high demand and can be easily sourced at discounted prices. Check products sold on leading e-commerce websites, including Amazon, to gauge the current trend.

I recommend you get started with dropshipping with a Shopify.

4. Graphics Design

Companies are always looking for graphic designers for branding purposes.

The possibilities here are endless, ranging from making awesome homepage designs to creating marketing collateral like banners, posters, and logos.

You can turn your design skills to small business owners or individuals to start their businesses. Graphic designers can also join websites like Fiverr or 99designs to find suitable work.

If you have basic knowledge in this field, it would be helpful to get clients. However, learning the basics of graphic design from scratch is quite easy, with a large number of online courses.

You can use graphic design software such as Adobe InDesign to learn the basics.

To improve your graphic design abilities, you can also use other online tools like Visme.

Here are some excellent graphic design courses that will give you a great start to your career:

I recommend you start with Adobe InDesign as part of your creative business.

5. Developing Websites

There are about 4 billion internet users in the world. And to provide entertainment to the mass online population, 6 out of 10 small businesses have their website. It is why website development is a valuable skill to meet the growing demand for launching and upgrading websites.

Start by building websites for your friends and family to hone your skills. New companies are always looking for efficient people to develop websites at reasonable prices. You can start your career by offering competitive prices for your services and then slowly transform it into a more lucrative business plan by consolidating your portfolio.

Every web developer must have basic coding skills in computer languages ​​such as CSS, HTML, JavaScript, and Java. There are several free or low-cost online courses including Treehouse, Web Developer Bootcamp on Udemy, and Codecademy that can help you learn to code and get started with website development.

You can start your freelance career as a web designer on the Fiverr platform.

6. Instagram Influencer

With the rise of social media sites like Instagram, consumers are increasingly turning to influencers for advice on a product they want to buy.

That's the whole philosophy of Instagram influencers.

This term evokes images of promotions from energy drinks to skin care products.

First, you need to choose your niche. It can be anything from technology to beauty and health. Be sure to pick a domain topic that interests you and is familiar to you.

The next step is to create a strong Instagram profile by posting engaging tales about your life and topics that are important to your target audience.

Once you gather enough followers, brands and affiliate marketers will automatically contact you for collaboration, with a super compensation.

People with the right marketing skills and thousands of followers on Instagram can earn from $500 to $6000 per post. It becomes a highly prosperous business if he publishes three to four times every week.

You can find courses on Udemy to learn a lot about Instagram marketing.

I also recommend that you read:

7. Online Investing

You might think about investing in more lucrative schemes if your money is sitting in the bank collecting little interest. Warren Buffet is an outstanding example of an intelligent investor who made a fortune from his investments.

You can start with smaller investments until you learn to trade in the stock market. To steadily increase your wealth, make prudent investments.

It is preferable to register an account with Online Broker XTB if you want to start investing in gold or shares of firms like Apple and Tesla right away.

If you want to buy and sell Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum with your bank card, then the safest thing to do is through the CEX.IO platform.

You can also take online stock exchange courses - to better understand other financial investment options such as cryptocurrencies.

If you want to learn the basics of trading stocks online, you can read the guide to online investing in the stock market.

I recommend you to try XTB and start investing today. 

8. Affiliate Marketing

This type of marketing has been popular for a long time.

When someone asks how to make passive money online, many people automatically suggest doing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate programs are developed by companies who wish to sell their goods online, enabling affiliates (bloggers and publishers) to advertise those products while earning commissions.

According to one income study, bloggers earn between $7500-$25000 per month, 38% of their income from affiliate marketing.

To put it bluntly. Affiliate marketing is a business model where bloggers and influencers recommend services or products they like or find helpful that will benefit their followers and earn a percentage of the profit from each subsequent sale.

Here is a perfect example of how partner affiliate marketing works:

how partner affiliate marketing works - Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

To get started, register with networks like Kinsta, Payhip, Rakuten, or Skimlinks to begin earning this way. The income will gradually grow along with the growth of your website - the sky is the limit.

For more relevant insights - check out this article on the 16 affiliate programs to monetize your blog.

9. Virtual Assistant

You can use your excellent organizational skills to create an additional income stream. Virtual assistants are in high demand by corporations, freelancers, and other types of businesses.

It is also a great opportunity to meet successful and influential people from different fields of work to build a large professional network. At the same time, it allows you to work from anywhere in the world while developing your professional skills.

People are always looking for efficient virtual assistants on freelance sites like Fiverr and Flexjobs

10. Management of Social Networks

Billions of people are on social media, and businesses spend millions to reach their target audience through various social media platforms.

Small businesses, start-ups, and influencers with a massive social media presence are always looking for capable social media managers to help them grow their presence. You can help businesses run paid advertising campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

Websites including Fiverr and CareerBuilder offer many jobs related to social media management.

11. Travel Consultant

If traveling is your passion and you are informed about things like the best deals on hotels and airline tickets, this is the job for you.

You can start by helping family and friends by securing the best travel deals. It will help you earn free word-of-mouth advertising and accelerate the growth of your freelance travel consulting business.

Create pages on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp to promote your business and connect with people who want to take advantage of great deals. Once you develop a solid customer base, you can also work with travel agencies to cut exclusive deals for your customers.

To build a full-time career - you can also consider getting a travel counseling certificate.

12. Interior Designer

People have become more careful about how their homes look. There is always a need for an interior designer who will know which color will suit your walls and which is the right place to place the armchair.

You can take inspiration from Pinterest, which offers many ideas for interior design. You can even start by helping people you know to gain trust before you officially start your business.

Here's a list of free interior design courses you can choose from to get your formal education.

13. WordPress Web Developer

WordPress is a platform for small companies and beginner bloggers who want to start their websites. If you know how to build a WordPress site, people can pay you hundreds of dollars for your skills.

In addition to WordPress consulting, you can offer your clients digital marketing services for income diversification. It will help your clients to provide relevant traffic to their websites.

The most famous WordPress plugins are Elementor, Woocommerce, and Big Commerce. They are used to create perfectly designed websites and online shops.

If you develop a successful business as a WordPress consultant, you can even turn it into a full-fledged digital marketing agency.

You can learn more about creating websites on WordPress through courses on Skillshare.

14. Programmer for Applications

There are apps for everything and anything - and they make thousands of dollars. I bet you won't be able to find a niche for which an app hasn't been made yet.

The best thing is that you don't have to worry about whether your coding skills are good or not. Start this course and learn how you can build apps with little or no coding skills. Before implementing it, do some market research on the competition and revenue model.

Check out some of the successful apps, including Instagram and Snapchat; they were all made for a specific target audience and are now worth billions.

15. Purchase and Sale of Domain

Domain trading is an old tactic for making extra money. But if you are lucky, then you can make millions. The domain name Insure.com - was purchased for 16 million dollars in 2009.

The key is identifying interesting blog names that can be sold later. Buy them using cheap hosting plans and wait until you get an offer from the buyer. It could take years to build a desirable domain portfolio. Keep researching and be patient.

However, the long-term sustainability of this business is debatable. This Investopedia article explains domain trading in detail.

16. Freelance Writing

Content writers are in high demand, especially for digital marketing purposes. If you can write engaging stories and articles, you can use your talents to launch a successful freelance writing career.

You can write content for a variety of things, such as website copy, blogs, and email newsletters. Experienced freelancers earn between $1000 to $5000 per week.

You have the opportunity to work from anywhere by engaging in freelance article creation.

If you are starting, you can find this job on the following websites:

Once you build your portfolio, you can even start your website where you can collect clients. Apart from this - you can connect with potential clients on social networking platforms like LinkedIn.

17. Data analyst

Businesses are becoming data-driven to make more informed decisions. Talented data analysts who have a knack for data processing are in high demand today. If you are great with numbers and have enough technical knowledge, then this would be a job you would love.

The data analyst industry also offers lucrative pay for full-time jobs. The average data analyst earns around $60,000 per year.

You can learn more about data analysis by taking online courses on edX and Coursera. Once you build your data analysis skills, you can search for jobs on platforms like Flexjobs.

18. Personal Trainer

Personal fitness trainers are in high demand. If you are into fitness and know the technicalities of a workout and diet plan, then you can make some extra money helping people get fit.

Once you find the right clients and build a reputation, the business will be both physically and financially rewarding. In addition, you can also learn online about fitness diets to add more value to your service.

There is also the possibility of starting a fitness blog to share your fitness tips with a wider audience and position yourself as an authority in the business.

Make an effort to learn more about fitness training and get certified to add more credibility to your profession.

19. Make a YouTube Channel

Many YouTubers earn thousands of dollars doing skills, travel, food, reviews, and stand-up comedy, among other things.

Choose a niche that you are passionate about and have enough knowledge to make interesting and simple video clips. The more fun content you post, the more views and subscribers you'll get.

Several successful YouTubers earn millions by uploading videos. However, the average YouTuber earns from $1 - $5 per 1000 views.

Also, invest in a good camera and microphone to make quality video clips for already earning potential.

20. Translator

Your expert knowledge of a second language can help you earn good money. Translators are always in demand, but good translators are hard to find.

You can do lucrative jobs if you know the correct application of grammar and spelling. You can find thousands of translation jobs on Fiverr.

21. Photographer

From websites to social networks and marketing, stock photos are used everywhere. If you have a DSLR and basic Photoshop skills, you can sell your images to stock photography websites; including Pexels, Unsplash, and Shutterstock, among others.

Every time a client uses your photo, you get a certain amount. Later you can build your website to secure better corporate projects.

Before you consider this career, learn about the type of equipment and investment you will need to get started.

22. Ghost Writer

Ghost Writers may not get much credit for what they write, but they certainly make a lot of money. Jeff Hadden has made millions just writing for famous and successful people. He started writing as a side job and eventually made a lucrative career.

You can outsource this type of work on Fiverr. Beginners can expect to earn from $15 to $30 per hour, depending on the quality of work. Once you gain experience and develop a portfolio, your compensation can increase exponentially.

23. Tailoring

Style and ode are always a topic of conversation. Of course, being a good tailor is a great business opportunity. Your expertise in designing and making designer clothes on a tight budget can help you gain access to a wide range of customers.

According to entrepreneur.com, a tailoring business requires a minimum investment of $2,000. But you always have the option to start something smaller and then gradually build your business.

You can take the Oxford Home Study online design course to gain more technical expertise in clothing and styling.

24. Cooking

Cooking can bring you a lot of money. However, you should reach for excellent delicacies - only then you will be able to sell them at premium prices. People always give greater value and priority to domestic and gourmet products.

To get started, you should also get some basic cooking equipment.

You can start by cooking something as simple as your mother's perfect cookie recipe. Later, you can master a bunch of recipes to achieve premium prices for your products.

You can find free cooking classes on Skillshare. Here you can master your cooking skills.

25. Freelance Content Marketing

Startups, medium-sized businesses, and influencers are always looking to raise their business to a higher level by promoting high-quality content on their digital channels.

Your expertise in creating a content marketing strategy can bring you cooperation even with the strongest players on the market. Once you create a portfolio of strong clients, you get the chance to charge thousands of dollars per project.

When you gain knowledge and experience, look for companies that are looking for these types of services. You can offer your services through the Fiverr platform.

Content Marketing is a dynamic field, so as technology advances, focus on staying current.

26. Freelance E-Book Writing

Access to cheaper or even free self-publishing tools has made it easier to write and publish e-books. With about 89 million Americans reading e-books, it's a lucrative opportunity.

However, this profession shouldn't be a full-time job because only official authors earn over $10,000 a year from e-books. Instead, write for others to build a name, then start writing your e-books.

You can do this business on the side for extra income until you become popular. In the meantime, keep researching the right strategies for writing an eBook.

27. Carpet cleaning

Every home has at least one carpet, and they are bound to get dirty. People are always looking for reliable carpet cleaners to get rid of allergens, dust, and stains.

To start this business, you need to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, cleaning agents, and carpet brushes and research the prices in the market to offer the best option. You can start by asking around in your area and offering this service.

Be sure to continue learning new carpet cleaning techniques to upgrade your knowledge. You can even hire many carpet cleaners and start your own business.

28. Childcare

Many parents lack time to take care of their children due to the nature of their work. Hence, there is always a demand for experts who will take care of children. It is a lucrative option for earning if you like to be in the company of children.

Before you take the plunge, be sure of the age group of children you are willing to look after. When you gain experience, you can also open your daycare center and expand your business.

Get a formal childcare certificate to improve your chances of success.

29. Computer repair

More than a billion computers are currently in use. It's no wonder that the market for reliable computer repair services is enormous.

According to statistics, the computer repair industry generated total revenue of 19 billion dollars in 2018.

Considering the high repair costs at authorized repairers, you have the opportunity to make money by offering economical repair services.

You can start by offering your services to smaller businesses and neighbors. You can gradually expand your team to take on larger orders from medium-sized or larger companies.

The possibilities are endless. Ranging from fixing network problems and replacing hard drives to installing windows.

30. Modeling

Fashion designers are always looking for fresh models to launch their products.

However, it is essential to evaluate what you are committing to. Talk to people already in the industry, find a mentor to help you early in your career, and make the right contacts. The job may look glamorous, but it takes a lot of dedication and hard work to get to the top.

31. Dog walking

Few dog owners do not have time to take their dogs for a walk. According to the AVMA, more than 50% of households have pets. If you are a dog lover, you can help the owners while earning good money.

You can also use mobile apps like Wag to connect with dog owners.

Once you understand how the business works, you can start your dog walking agency. Extend it by offering dog bathing, food, and other related services.

32. Wedding planner

Weddings have become more luxurious and organized. To effectively manage all aspects of the wedding, couples these days are looking for a reliable wedding planner.

You can immediately jump into the business of wedding planning - if you have contacts with professionals such as good caterers, florists, performers, travel agencies, DJs, photographers, and much more.

The process is time-consuming and capital-intensive, but it can bring rich rewards. The average wedding planner earns about $40 an hour for their services. To advance your abilities and establish your credibility in the field, you can also get a diploma in wedding planning.

33. Personal Chef

Having excellent cooking abilities can help you earn a lot of money as a personal chef. Most people are too busy with their profession and have little time for themselves. You can help such professionals by preparing delicious food of their choice.

The market for personal chef jobs is expected to grow by 5.2% by 2026. The demand for cooks who can prepare healthy and delicious meals only grows over time.

You can learn how to make new dishes on YouTube or get certified as a personal chef to get more work. It might even result in you starting your own bar, cafe, restaurant, or pub where customers can sample your cooking.

34. Care of Pets

Pet care has become a successful business idea in areas where wealthy pets live. From foot massages to haircuts and therapists, people know no bounds in pampering their pets.

To start a pet grooming business, you need about $2,000, and you can earn $48,000 a year. Find clients in your neighborhood or look for them on Facebook and WhatsApp groups.

You can also enroll in a dog grooming course to gain a better insight into the business.

35. T-shirt printing

T-shirts with exciting graphics and cute logos are in high demand. A T-shirt retail business is worth a million dollars and relies on efficient t-shirt printers to fulfill supply.

Several suppliers are already in business, but there is plenty of room for new players. You can order from multinational brands or local businesses or even start your line.

Moreover, this industry allows you to work on your terms, i.e., you can decide to work from a small room or start with large factory production.

Take a print production course on LinkedIn Learning to understand the dynamics of color and printing technology.

Frequently asked questions.

What business can I start with no money?

If you don't have start-up capital, you still have a lot of business opportunities. The majority of them involve strategies to monetize the website by providing digital services. Here are some of the best:

  1. Create a blog and earn money with affiliate programs, ads, online courses, and digital products.
  2. Become a freelance writer.
  3. Join a platform like Fiverr and offer graphic design services.
  4. If you are good at coding, start a business and develop websites and applications.
  5. Become an online fitness trainer and sell training sessions.
  6. Offer other digital services such as SEO consulting, PPC management, or content marketing services.

What are the best start-up ideas?

If you want to create a start-up this year, there are many options. Here are some of the best ideas:

  1. Start a dropshipping business to sell products online.
  2. Create SaaS applications.
  3. Invest in real estate.
  4. Make a blog and earn money from Google Adsense, internal courses, and affiliate programs.
  5. Start a podcast and make money by selling ad spots once you've built up your audience.
  6. Start a digital agency and sell anything from website development to website management.
  7. Start a food business and find a great location to sell.

What are the most successful small businesses?

The most successful small businesses have strong revenues and margins. Here are some of the types of small businesses that are most successful:

  1. Legal services.
  2. Accounting, bookkeeping, tax, and payment services.
  3. Leasing and sale of real estate.
  4. Dental offices.
  5. Outpatient care companies.
  6. Custom design services.
  7. Warehouse companies.
  8. Extraction of minerals and ores.
  9. Medical laboratories.
  10. Secondary schools and education.

What jobs can I do from home?

It's now simpler than ever to launch an internet business and work from home thanks to the growth of the digital economy. Here are some good options:

  1. Freelance writing.
  2. Graphic designer.
  3. Web developer.
  4. Photographer.
  5. Specialist for social networks.
  6. Home teaching.
  7. Talking and coaching.
  8. Podcaster.
  9. Airbnb host.
  10. Virtual assistant.

How can I be my boss?

If you want to be your boss, follow these steps:

  1. Determine what you want to do and what business ideas are best for you.
  2. Assess the market and competition.
  3. Check whether you have enough money to start a new venture and allocate capital.
  4. Create a business and marketing plan.
  5. Choose a company name and create your brand identity.
  6. Officially start your business by establishing a company.
  7. Invest in a bookkeeper or use small business accounting software.
  8. Set up a business bank account.
  9. Start a marketing business on the Internet by creating a website and opening pages on social networks.

How do I make money fast?

If you need to make money quickly and don't have time to wait for profits there are many options. Here are some of the best:

  1. Refinance your debt to get a lump sum of money.
  2. Sign up for a survey website like Survey Junkie to earn money by taking surveys.
  3. Use investment applications that pay you every month.
  4. Use an e-commerce platform to sell products online and generate traffic quickly using Google and Facebook ads.
  5. Sign up for an app like Fiverr and sell digital services online.
  6. Create an account with an app like Turo or Spinlister to rent your stuff.
  7. Write and publish an e-book to earn money on Amazon.
  8. Create an online course and sell your knowledge to students.
  9. Become a freelance writer.
  10. Create your podcast and earn money by selling advertising space.

Now it's your turn to choose one of the best Small Business Ideas with Low Investment.

The professions and small business ideas outlined in this article require minimal investment and can pave the way for substantial earnings. When selecting the right venture, consider your unique skills, passions, and financial capacity.

Remember, the key to successful entrepreneurship isn't merely replicating what others are doing. Instead, it's about tuning into your authentic interests and aspirations.

If you found this post beneficial, or if you know someone in search of low-investment small business ideas, feel free to share this article with them.

Thank you for investing your time in reading this post! Your support is greatly appreciated.

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