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SEO Blogger Tips Free Keyword Research Tool (Explained):

If you're a writer or blogger on a tight budget who wants to do keyword research before writing content, If that's the case, SEO Blogger Tips, a free keyword research tool, is a great place to start.

It is completely free, simple to use, and accurate. For any niche, our keyword research tool uses Google Autosuggestions to build a list of similar keywords. The algorithm helps in the selection of the most appropriate keywords for your website or blog.

Because the data comes directly from Google, it's the best alternative to Google Keyword Planner.

SEO Blogger Tips Free Keyword Research Tool – The Best Alternative to Google Keyword Planner

To find out what specific phrases individuals use, Google offers a free keyword tool called Google Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner does not show the actual monthly search volume. You might need to conduct an AdWords ad for that.

Although this will cost you money, it should not stop you from using the tool. Because you can undertake keyword research in SEO Blogger Tips Tools, you'll be able to receive a close estimate of the monthly search volume for your keywords.

If you 'establish an account without a campaign,' you can use the Keyword Planner for free. However, it requires a large number of clicks. Sifting through our Free Keyword Research Tool is the greatest alternative to finding your keywords.

How SEO Blogger Tips Keyword Research Tool Works

Google Autocomplete, or Google Autosuggest, is a very useful function of Google Search. The goal is to make the search process easier for users. In seconds, our Keyword Research Tool will help you hone the power of Autosuggest.

However, you may ask why you should utilize it when you can use the Autosuggest or Autocomplete features on your own.

You should use our tool since it will help you save time and speed up the process. It also provides you with a variety of indicators to help you decide which keywords to focus on, such as CPCs and volumes. 

The tool is a keyword explorer or finder that assists you in determining the most appropriate keywords for your website. Let's have a look at how it works right now.

  • Visit the tool
  • Enter a Seed Keyword
  • Chose Country
  • And click on "Search"

After that, the Keyword Research Tool searches Google for monthly volume, paid competition, and CPC. Then you choose which keywords are best for your blog or website.

What Exactly is a Seed Keyword?

It's a significant keyword in your niche that's usually simply one or two words long. It's from here that you'll begin your keyword research. For instance, if you're in the health niche and want to define it from the start.

Then you might use "health food" or just "health" as your seed keyword. You'll find all the keywords connected to your seed or major keyword when you search for it. Here's what you'll see when you search for 'health food':

Health food results:

  • healthy food near me
  • vegan food near me
  • vegan restaurants near me
  • healthy foods store near me
  • health food stores near me
  • health food store near me
  • health food stores
  • healthy restaurants near me
  • food health store
  • health food store

These are just a few of the many keywords that came up in the search. It becomes simple to select a keyword-based on paid competition, monthly volume, or cost per click.