Backlink Strategy for SEO to Boost Your Domain Authority in 2022

Backlink Strategy for SEO to Boost Your Domain Authority in 2022

Everyone wants their website to be at the top of the first page on a search engine. To achieve such success requires a lot of effort, work, and a good backlink strategy for SEO.

Acquiring quality backlinks has long been the basis for good SEO optimization. Getting quality backlinks from other websites is an essential SEO element - if obtained naturally, safely, and within search engine guidelines.

What is the backlink strategy for SEO, and why is it important?


Backlinks are incoming links that point from another site to yours. Site backlinks (either inbound links or external links) help search engines determine website popularity, authority, and relative importance on the web.

In Google's algorithm, each hyperlink to a web page acts as a vote of confidence for that page, similar to a popularity contest.

Sites should naturally recommend quality resources to their readers, and that is a simple concept that is the basis of PageRank.

For example, it is natural for a tennis site to be linked to a website where tennis equipment is brought and a travel agency site with a blog that talks about popular travel destinations. Each topic with keywords is in a kind of competition for popularity, and the first places on the pages with search results (SERP) go to the sites that are most related to that topic.

It is about authority, trust, and relevance. Unlike competition in popularity, the PageRank system does not give every backlink equal importance. Some backlinks can even harm your website ranking ability. In an attempt to stop sites that try to manipulate Rank, search engines analyze links and penalize sites suspected of having unnatural profiles.


Examples of backlinks


Good backlinks: These links come from websites that are authorities in a particular field, experts who write about your topic, or from non-spam sites that have content related to the topic of your site.

Bad backlinks: Links from unrelated sites (for example, a website with Fitness advice related to insurance brokerage) do not achieve anything useful and look unnatural.

Ugly backlinks: Links that come from link-sharing sites, spam sites, sites that sell links, or low-quality content with random text lists without text are ugly backlinks.

If relevant, quality sites link to you, the site becomes more reliable. Also, if you link to quality sites in your area, the site will look better. Locations and landing pages must be the same topic as your link page to stay relevant to each other.


Quantity or quality of links for backlink SEO strategy?

gnore those emails that offer "30,000 links for $ 25.00". The popularity of links is not a numbers game.

Many beginners think that with an enormous number of links of mostly dubious quality, they will raise their positions on Google. It is better to get 10 backlinks from authoritative sites than 1000 from poor quality.

The fact is that not all backlinks are equally good or bad for an SEO strategy. Also, it's not just dofollow or nofollow links. For long-term SEO results, you need to know which of your backlinks are good and positively affect your rankings. 


How many types of backlinks are there?

There are two basic types of backlinks, and one is more valuable than the other. Let's take a quick look at each of them and how they affect your website.

Dofollow backlinks

Dofollow backlinks can have both positive and negative effects on website rankings. These links transfer authority to you so, your rating grows if the links are authoritative.

Poor links from spam sites, made only to give links, can damage your rating and position on the Google search engine.

Examples of dofollow backlinks

<a href=“”>SEO Blogger Tips</a>


<a href=“” rel=“dofollow”>SEO Blogger Tips</a>

Nofollow links

Nofollow links have no impact on SEO i.e. they cannot raise your authority and position on google.

Nofollow links can have the effect of getting as many referral visits as possible, thus increasing the popularity of your site.

Another important thing I would like to emphasize, when you give a backlink to someone, our advice is to put the Nofollow attribute. That way, you won’t lose anything of your authority. Good to provide links to quality sites that have high authority on google. Google knows how to appreciate that because your site will direct visitors to quality sites.

Example of nofollow backlink

<a href=“” rel=“nofollow”>SEO Blogger Tips</a>

Backlink strategy for SEO

1. Keep content fresh: Regularly updating with new quality articles or other content attracts people's attention and helps you compete with sites that have only outdated content. Google rates content that is "added and updated over time" as a sign of a quality site. How can you do that? Regular blogging, creating an article section for your site, or adding new support pages are ways to refresh your content and strengthen your brand.

2. Promote your content on social media: Social media posts that link to your site in most cases do not increase the popularity of links. However, social media gives you the ability to publish your content and attract visitors to your site.

3. Link to experts: Within the website, occasionally include links to reputable sites and experts on a specific topic in your field. Do this primarily for the benefit of users, to give them relevant resources on that topic on that page. Linking to well-known authorities helps legitimize your website in the eyes of search engines.  

4. Create videos, podcasts, and other items that can be shared: Which topics can you turn into interesting video or audio podcasts? Videos attract viewers, whether they're embedded on your site or uploaded to a video-sharing site, such as YouTube. Downloadable podcasts can also increase audience interest. Infographics, images, and other multimedia elements that you create if they become popular are likely to be shared by others.

5. Guest posting: is one of the best method backlink strategies for SEO. You write an article for a specific website whose content is relevant to yours, and in return, you get a link that leads to your site or blog. Both sides benefit - you get a link from the site, while the owner gets content for their site.

You must choose a quality website from your niche, which has a sufficient number of followers and comments and shares on posts. You can easily find guest posting blogs by typing the following into Google:

keyword + write for us

Once you find the right websites, contact the owners and share your idea. Follow the guest posting guidelines to get your article accepted.

7. Broken link building: is an efficient, scalable, and content-oriented backlink strategy for SEO. The tactic is based on finding the broken links, recreating the wrong content, and replacing the broken link with your correct link.

A broken link occurs when developers delete a linked page, put the wrong URL in a text link, or change the URL without updating the URL correctly. In other words, when a browser (spiders, crawlers) searches your site and clicks on a link, it will be redirected to a 404 error page.

8. Directory: building is another backlink strategy for SEO, and it sends links from the client's site (URL) to various web directories to create backlinks. Directories are sites that provide services to users in the form of an enormous number of URLs. They are classified by relevant categories and are extremely easy to use. There are good and bad directories.

  • Good directories - are ranked high without bad links because every link request is reviewed by people.
  • Bad directories - are often blacklisted by Google and are not ranked well, and links are published automatically, so they are often spammy and suspicious content. Only links to good directories contribute to site optimization.

9. Social Media: Add a website to your social media profiles.




Whether you have a blog, an online store, or a website should use this backlink strategy for SEO. Sending mass emails; participation in link exchanges; Buying links, links from irrelevant or poor sites is considered "unnatural" or "spam" and may result in penalties for your site.

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