Why Your Business Needs a Blog

Why Your Business Needs a Blog

The Internet is becoming increasingly essential for business success. Thanks to modern technologies, we can get information, have fun, buy, learn, and even train by simple Google. An additional benefit is an online communication, which facilitates trade and promotional activities. That is why your business needs a blog and to make the most of all the possibilities of blogging.

People start private blogs mainly because they want to talk about things they like and find interesting. Few people before starting a blog have a clear idea of what will happen to that blog in two or three years and a ready plan to follow.

Only after the blog is a success with readers and starts making money do they hire designers to create a visual identity and site and take the whole story more seriously.

On the other hand, every company’s focus is on the products and services it offers, so they don’t see the benefit of introducing a blog to their website. However, a business presentation and a business blog go hand in hand perfectly.

Starting a business blog will allow you to spread the word about your business and reach more potential customers and clients.

The benefits of starting a business blog are as follows: 

More Traffic to the Site

70% of potential buyers find companies thanks to the contributions on their blog.

As time goes on, this percentage will increase.

How and why?

There are two types of websites: static and dynamic.

  • Static are those where information is rarely updated, such as pages: about us, contact, services, etc. These are all pages on your business presentation.
  • Dynamic pages are just blog posts, which are often published, contain current information, and are published on social networks.

Google does not value too many sites that are rarely updated and supplemented with new content, so a business blog is the most powerful way to grow in the eyes of Google and find yourself on the first page of search.

In addition, potential buyers react far better to a quality blog post and attach to a brand than to an advertisement.

Growth Mailing List

Anyone who is in any business and is considered a serious entrepreneur must have a mailing list. Everything you try to achieve on social networks, with the mailing list, you will achieve much faster and easier.

Statistics show that 1-2% of followers react to one published post on social networks, while about 45% of subscribers open an email.

With the mailing list, you have open arms to contact your subscribers whenever and how much you want, without depending on some crazy algorithm that social networks often change without prior notice.

Remember, all your subscribers are potential customers and clients, which we cannot claim to be followers on social networks.

You can also send your subscribers notifications about new services and products, promotions, discounts, etc. But do not become one of those who do not stop bombarding with annoying emails that carry the message Buy, buy, buy! Nobody likes this approach, and you will not benefit much from your email list.

Benefits of social networks

I see that it is clear to almost everyone today that they must be present on social networks if they have their own business. However, I also see that many do not use this presentation in the right way.

If your products and services are the only things you post on your accounts, you will quickly get bored of your followers. No one is overly interested in seeing another ad. But, if you manage to provide useful or interesting information to your followers through your contributions, not only will they share your contribution on their profile, but they will also gain the status of a potential buyer or client.

You will Build Authority in your Business

By constantly providing up-to-date and helpful information, you show that you are professional, serious, and dedicated to the work you do.

Once you help readers with your contribution, they will remember you and keep you in mind when they need your products or services. They will also let their friends know about your business.

You will keep up with the competition

Who do you think will have a more significant advantage with a potential buyer - your competitor who has a business blog or you who don't?
As we just said, a business blog allows you to stand out as a professional in your business and gain trust. Once faced with a choice, the customer will choose between two or more ways of doing business, not so much between the products themselves.

If none of your competitors still have a business blog, don't think it's because they don't need it. If you have the opportunity to be a pioneer in your business, use it as soon as possible.

You will open the door to new business collaborations and sources of income

Once you build a quality blog that people love to read, everyone who is connected to your business in some way will want you to mention them or recommend their products and services in one of their posts.

Here, of course, you have to be highly selective because, first and foremost, you have to have the trust of the audience you have gained. In other words, do not agree to advertise products that are not of good quality just because the one who sells them has decided to pay dearly for advertising.

How to start a business blog?

Private blogs are run by the authors themselves and learn and improve their blogs along the way. However, with business blogs, things are a little different because anyone who runs a serious business cannot afford the mistakes that will cost him his reputation in the market.

Before you even hire a web designer to set up a blog, you need to make a good plan to follow.

Decide which topics your business blog will cover. Content must be closely related to your business, but be careful that attachments do not turn into ordinary advertisements for your products and services (unless detailed user guides are in question). Remember that the focus of any successful blog is on the benefits of the readers.

You need to put together a team of professional people who will deal with the topics of your Business blog if you are not able to write articles yourself. It would be best if it is one of your employees, who is well acquainted with the products, services and the way of your business.

Then decide on the level at which you will publish new contributions. It is advisable to publish at least one article a week, but it is more important than the article is of high quality. Therefore, do not publish mediocre quality content just to meet the monthly quota. In blogging, quality is always ahead of quantity.

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